Monday, February 3, 2014

Mountek nGroove Snap Magnetic Vehicle Mount - awesome!

Like most people, I like to use my phone for various things in the car (texting isn't one of them!).  But I often struggled with where to put my phone while driving.

In the spot next to the 12v port?  nope - phone is too long
On the console next to the shifter?  nope - slides all around
On the passenger seat?  yah, follow the GPS when it's on the seat

So I searched for the solution and this was recommended by a friend - the Mountek nGroove Snap Magnetic Vehicle Mount for Mobile Devices with Yellow Safety Sticker  for less than $30!

Ok - yes, I know, it has the HANDS FREE sticker - but that's fine with me!  It's been a law here in California for 2.5 years, and everyday I see people texting/calling, etc on their phones.  So this is a GREAT solution!

What's pretty neat about this setup is the big yellow sticker has a magnet underneath!  And a few metallic plates come with the mount and you slip those plates inside your smartphone case - and it allows the magnet to hold your phone - almost 'levitating' in the air using your CD slot.  

At first when I mounted it, it was way too low and covered much of my radio/GPS screen in the E55.  But the mount rotates 360 degrees, and I flipped it 180 and it sits pretty much in between the heater controls and I can still see the screen below.  I have the Google Maps app running (so much more accurate than the built in GPS) - but I could also use my Dash Command to monitor the vehicle metrics while driving as well! 

Overall, highly recommended!  If you're looking for a nice mount that can hold your phone/tablet - this is it!

< $30!


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