Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mercedes E55 AMG Akebono brakes on sale!

I have these brake pads on my E55 - they're not 'track pads' but my car is a daily driver - and the stopping power is just as good as OEM but the brake dust is nearly GONE!  It's so much nicer not having all the brake dust on the wheels any more!! :)  It will save you at least 10 minutes per car wash ;)
Usually the Akebono fronts are $130 - but they've dropped to $114.68
The OEM pads are $291 - you're saving > 60% and having less brake dust!

The rears have been $100 for ages, now they're down to $88 :)
You're saving > 18% off on the rears from OEM prices!

Do the bundle and you're saving 50% off OEM pricing with a fraction of the dust!

and don't forget to replace your brake pad sensors!

Happy Braking for cheap! :)


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