Thursday, December 5, 2013

P0456 - Evaporative emission system leak detected (very small leak)

Check Engine Lights (CEL) suck - but some are easy to fix.  The P0456 can be as simple as a loose/leaking gas cap - or in my case, failing fuel senders (pretty common on Mercedes unfortunately).

When we saw the CEL come on - I grabbed my Kiwi WiFi scanner (love this thing!)

Since the car is under warranty - we took it to the dealer to have it evaluated.  Needless to say the fuel senders need replaced!  I looked up the parts list, and OMG my jaw hit the ground...

Needless to say, these parts aren't cheap - and neither is the labor to install them!  Pulling the rear seat, dropping the tank, replacing the pumps - ick!  Fingers crossed this gets repaired under warranty.

There's a recall from Mercedes on this issue, but seems to be a recurring issue even after the recall.

EA13-003 – Engineering Analysis to Investigate Allegations of Fuel Leaks at or Near
the Top of the Fuel Tank Assembly in MY 2003-2008 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Vehicles

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Monday, September 2, 2013

One thing that all this torque necessitates - new motor mounts, and E55 Kleeman Headers!

It's time to get my motor and transmission mounts replaced - the car has about 77k miles and over time the engine mounts start to lose their 'oomph' when you have over 500 ft-lbs of force from that engine.

Obviously if you go through the MB dealer be prepared to spend some serious $$$, I was quoted $1,400 just for the two engine mounts alone!!! But - I found 2 new engine mounts and a new transmission mount for $120 shipped on Amazon!

M423 2202400617 2202400218 00-09 Mercedes Benz Set 3PCS Engine Motor Transmission Mount Mounts 
Also, while we're at it - going to add some more fun since you need to do the mounts to get to these anyways...

Yup, just when I thought I was finished - Kleeman mid-length headers... 
can you say 30 more HP to the wheels? (just what it needs) LOL

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Installed the new Gates Fleetrunner Supercharger Belt - Hulk Green!

Last night I finally got around to replacing (upgrading) my supercharger serpentine belt with a new Fleetrunner Gates K080505HD V-Belt  belt.  It's about 1/2" shorter than the stock belt to better match up with the smaller supercharger pulley.  Took all of 5 minutes by using the 17mm wrench, loosening the belt tensioner, and swapping the belt.  I can't believe the garage charges $120 to do this!

Here's a quick little video of my new HULK colored belt ;)

If you get this belt on Amazon - it's over 1/2 price of what most stores sell it locally for.  Unbelievable!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax 32 oz is 10% off

On sale right now - only $13.90 + $5.95 shipping PLUS it's 10% off
only $18.46 shipped!  That's only $1.70 per car wash/wax!

  • Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax is water-soluble, biodegradable, and meets all water usage laws established by the federal Clean Water Act and the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Wash and wax your vehicle - with one product
  • The latest innovation from Optimum Polymer Technologies promises to deliver the convenience of a rinseless car wash with the cutting-edge protection of advanced UV inhibitors and high-grade carnauba wax.
This is some of the best stuff you can use and makes washing your car a total breeze.  I also recommend some microfiber towels to keep the car nice and shiny!

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Common maintenance parts for the W211 Mercedes E-Class E55 AMG (2003-2006)

    Here's some simple maintenance items that are commonly used by the W211 E55 crowd - hope you enjoy! 

    Mobil 0W40 (5-qt) - need 2 of these $23/ea @ WalMart for an 8.5-9qt oil change
    Mann-Filter HU 718/5 X Metal-Free Oil Filter $9.32 (free shipping with Prime)
    Mann-Filter CUK 3172 Cabin Filter With Activated Charcoal $23
    OES Genuine Oil Dipstick $31Mobil Jet II Turbine Oil - Quart Can $16 for S/C oil change
    Oil Drain Plug; 14mm Diameter, 24mm Length $1.43/ea (need 2)
    Oil Drain Plug Gasket; 14mm Copper Seal Washer; 14x20x1.5mm $0.25/ea (need 2)

    Mann-Filter CUK 18 000-2 Carbon Activated Cabin Filter CHARCOAL - IN HEATER CASE $55
    OEM Mann-Filter C 3689 Air Filter $24 for 2
    Meyle 0123210004 Air Filter $25 for 2
    Beck Arnley 042-1611 Air Filter $31.50 for 2
    Wix 46799 Air Filter $27.50 for 2
    K&N 33-2181 High Performance Replacement Air Filter (need 2) $38.64/ea
    aFe 31-10085 Air Filter (need 2) $65/ea

    98-2010 Mercedes Benz Spark Plug Ignition Wire Set Of 16PCS $114 shipped
    1 step colder NGK (2309) LFR7AIX Spark Plug - Pack of 4 $33.80/4
    OEM 4 New NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs LFR6AIX-11 # 6619 $30/4

    Mercedes w211 Fuel gas tank Cap OEM $50
    Mercedes w211 Oxygen Sensor PRE Cat Bosch OEM $150 shipped
    Downstream Bosch O2 Sensor - Exact Fit $119

    Mercedes w211 e55 AMG Fuel Pump/Filter w/ Level Sending Unit sender sensor $565
    RockAuto Airtex Fuel Pump/Filter $459
    Fuel Pump Assembly - $389

    Mercedes-Benz Radiator Coolant Expansion Tank $47
    Hy-Per Lube Super Coolant - 16 oz. (additive like Water Wetter but cheaper) $8
    Bosch 010 OEM Mercedes Benz AUXILIARY WATER PUMP (E-Class) - BOSCH 0005000386 $121 shipped

    Akebono EUR983 EURO Ultra-Premium Ceramic Front Brake Pad Set $136
    Akebono EUR984 EURO Ultra-Premium Ceramic Rear Brake Pad Set $99
    OES Genuine Disc Brake Caliper Repair Kit $50 shipped
    E55 Zimmermann Front Brake Rotors (OEM-like) $104/ea
    E55 Zimmermann Rear Brake Disc Rotors (OEM-like) $96/ea
    URO Parts 211 540 1717 Brake Pad Sensor $6.50 (2 per car)
    Mercedes w211 w219 Brake Light Switch OEM $25

    Aux Battery ACDelco ATX14BS (14-BS) Maintenance Free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Powersport Battery $67
    Mercedes w211Voltage Regulator $67
    Bosch AL0826X Remanufactured Alternator $356
    Beck Arnley 180-0384 Cam Angle/Position Sensor (CPS) - $69
    Horn; High Tone; 510Hz $74
    Horn; Low Tone; 420Hz $94
    Genuine 2118320584 Hvac Heater Control Valve $46

    LIGHTING E55 2003-2006
    Philips D2S Xenon HID Headlight Bulb, Pack of 1 - Low Beam $44/ea
    Philips H7 Standard Headlight Bulb, Pack of 1 - High Beam $6.50OEM E55 ~4000k 
    Philips 9006 CrystalVision Ultra Headlight Bulbs (Low-Beam), Pack of 2 $10OEM E63 (or E63 conversion)
    Philips H7 CrystalVision Ultra Headlight Bulb, Pack of 2 $27

    Dual New Arnott Rear Pr Air Springs 03-09 E-class, 05-11 Cls-class Mercedes-benz E-class 2002-2009 (w211 w/airmatic, wo/4matic) $715
    Mercedes E55 Engine Mount Driver Left or Passenger Right CORTECO Set of 2 $179
    Beck Arnley 104-1757 Transmission Mount $24

    Mercedes W211 E55 AMG GATES Drive Belt $47
    OEM Mercedes 2005 E55 AMG Supercharger belt Continental Aftermarket Supercharger Belt $21 shipped
    Gates K080505HD V-Belt - close to OEM size $25
    Gates K080496HD V-Belt (for S/C pulley setup) tight fit $33
    OEM Mercedes Benz BELT TENSIONER ASSEMBLY - INA 55143 1122000970 $114
    Genuine 1132000170 Belt Tensioner Assembly $245

    Passenger Side Valve Cover Gasket $16
    Driver Side Valve Cover Gasket $17
    Mercedes-Benz Engine Valve Cover Gasket Left & Right Victor Reinz OEM 1130221 $32

    Mercedes Benz Transmission Fluid Dipstick Tool 722.6 $30
    Red Line 30504 D4 Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Quart $11
    Automatic Transmission Filter w/gasket $21

    32oz. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine < $20 shipped
    Optimum Spray Car Wax $16
    Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Cloths (Pack of 3) $8
    Chemical Guys (IAI_503) 10.5" Grit Guard Insert $11
    Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt $6

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013

    Optimum No Rinse ONR car wash - awesome stuff!

    This simple bottle isn't just 'any' car wash... it's a 'waterless' car wash and not only does it save you water, it saves you a LOT of time in washing your car.  We've used two buckets, one with ONR mix and one with clean water to rinse - and washed 4 cars in about 90 minutes.  This stuff is awesome!  With our water prices rising, this saves you a TON of water too!

    Friday, March 22, 2013

    Auxiliary battery replacement ordered! (14-BS)

    Several models of Mercedes have a 2nd battery - often referred to as the Auxiliary Battery.  It's hidden in the E55 under the cabin air filter in the engine bay.

    FYI - The primary battery is in the trunk :)
    I was informed of a fantastic deal on the aux battery on Amazon - 50% off!

    Installation was a total breeze, the bolt/washer setup is different from the OEM setup, but now there are no issues with my electronic brakes and/or other 12V items in the car :)  Highly recommend this battery - save yourself about $200 in the process!

    Monday, March 18, 2013

    Akebono EUR983 and EUR984 Ceramic Brake Pads - less dust, less washing - same stopping!

    If there's one thing that drives me nutz about my car it's the brake dust!  When I purchased the car, the previous owner had OEM Mercedes-Benz pads installed; which is good for serviceability and was an easy one-stop-shop solution - but dang they're dusty!

    Several of my friends have pointed me to Akebono pads - which I believe are OEM for Honda (and some other automakers) - they're very low dust!  It's crazy to say, but I can't wait to replace my OEM pads for some of these...  Not bad pricing for these high-performance Brembo AMG brakes!


    Looking for feedback if you've had these on your car, and if you're ready for a new set, give them a look!

    Monday, March 11, 2013

    Trimming the fat... not what you think!

    OK - not really about weight loss or removing stuff from the car to make it lighter, but ever since I had the larger heat exchanger mounted, the E55 has had a bit of a 'swollen lip' look to it... notice the bottom of the chin spoiler, you can even see a chunk taken out of it from scraping... oh the joys of bigger parts...

    Well, over the past 9 months of that little 'extra' fat lip, took its toll.  Here's what I found a few weeks ago after a long drive to Monterey, CA and back.  

    Yes, that's a little rubber strip that is usually below the oil cooler, and part of the underbody tray directly below the heat exchanger.  The wear and tear of little bumps here and there eventually cracked the parts off.

    So, now that I have more clearance due to the plastic pieces coming out, I figured I'd give a trim to the fat lip.  Used a simple utility knife to gracefully trace the lines between that 1/4" edge and the rest of the bumper lip.  

    And here's the result of my handiwork.  I think it slimmed things down quite a bit, even though it's only a 1/4" edge!

    Hopefully I wont run into any more sharp pointy things!

    Saturday, March 2, 2013

    Gotta love Dyno time!

    After my previous dyno results, I had to get my inter-cooler pump replaced.  It's amazing how much power is lost when you have lots of heat.  My IAT (intake air temps) were in the 170-180* range which is way too hot.  Since that dyno last summer, the pump was replaced and I have a heat exchanger that is 2x the OEM stock size.  Now my IATs hover ~10-15* above ambient temps - woohoo!

    I took my car to Universal Technical Institute (UTI)  in Sacramento.  Nice thing is that my nephew is a recently graduated student (and driver in the video below) and we ran the numbers on the Dynojet - MUCH better!  The instructor was a big E55 fan and it was great to see about 100 students crowded around the dyno room - man it made some noise!

    The printer was almost out of ink so sorry about the hard to read graph.. 446HP and 487ft-lbs!
    Gotta love that crazy torque!

    Monday, February 4, 2013

    HID Fogs - looking for a decent setup...

    Since I have my 6K LED running lights they match my HID low-beams nicely - and I'm looking to upgrade my fog lights to match - right now the fogs look really dim/yellow in comparison to the low beams and running lights.

    I found this kit which looks to be decent for < $40 shipped on Amazon - hoping they'll be 'flicker-free' and run well.

    I've never been a fan of yellow, or non-white fogs, and I realize these are not 'premium' HIDs bt they're a slim-ballast kit that should look good. (see below)


    Monday, January 7, 2013

    Mercedes AMG Books - know of any good ones?

    Searching the interwebs, looking for some good books about Mercedes-AMG History - know any good ones?  Did you know AMG stands for Aufrecht, Melcher, and Großaspach ?

    Found this one so far...

    Following on from the merger between AMG and Daimler Chrysler in 1999, things really began to happen for AMG Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.  The special touch of the AMG engineers was being seen on every model in the entire vast Mercedes-Banz model range, from the prosaic C-Class through to the S-Class and the SLK sports cars, as well as the ML and G-Class off-roader wagons. Not to be left out was the exotic Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren with its supercharged 5.5 litre quad-cam V8 engine that was fettled by the AMG people. Included are road and comparison tests, model releases, technical and performance data, plus advice on buying a Mercedes-Benz AMG. Models covered include the C30, 32 & 55, CLK430, 55, TDM & GTR, CL55 & 65, CLS55, E55, G55, ML55, S55 & 65, SL55 & 65, SLK32 & 55 Plus SLR McLaren.

    Post some links to good ones you know!


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