Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gotta love Dyno time!

After my previous dyno results, I had to get my inter-cooler pump replaced.  It's amazing how much power is lost when you have lots of heat.  My IAT (intake air temps) were in the 170-180* range which is way too hot.  Since that dyno last summer, the pump was replaced and I have a heat exchanger that is 2x the OEM stock size.  Now my IATs hover ~10-15* above ambient temps - woohoo!

I took my car to Universal Technical Institute (UTI)  in Sacramento.  Nice thing is that my nephew is a recently graduated student (and driver in the video below) and we ran the numbers on the Dynojet - MUCH better!  The instructor was a big E55 fan and it was great to see about 100 students crowded around the dyno room - man it made some noise!

The printer was almost out of ink so sorry about the hard to read graph.. 446HP and 487ft-lbs!
Gotta love that crazy torque!


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