Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You gotta be pulley'in my leg!

OK - someone needs to stop with all the group buys - just too tempting!  Ended up getting a new developmental 84mm pulley that fits on the supercharger, instead of the usual crank pulley that spins everything faster/harder on the engine.  About 28.5% of the rotational weight has been taken off the pulley which means less wear & tear on the engine and components.

Here's the new (middle) vs old (right) design - note the thickness (weight) on the OEM design, the one of the left is an even SMALLER version - but I stuck with the 83/84mm :)

What's nice about this design is that it is less weight and offers faster spooling of the S/C instead of the stock pulley - it's been developed to meet OEM quality and has a slip-resistant coating on the ribs.  Here it is, fresh out of the UPS box.  Just waiting to add 1.5-2PSI of boost :)

It looks to be a stellar part and much cheaper than the crank pulleys which (IMHO) tend to be more trouble than what they're worth on a daily driver.  I hope to get this installed soon :-)


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