Saturday, April 14, 2012

Octane Booster

Every once in a while I'll throw an injector cleaner in the tank - those 'cleaning' additives to a whole tank of gas - hopefully it's doing something to keep things clean.  Recently was wondering about bumping the octane level since the S/C engine in the E55 could handle it and most of the store bought stuff will only boost your octane by .2-.6 points - so in lowly CA, I'd get a screaming 91.6 from the over-the-counter stuff.

So the guys on Planet Supercar and MBWorld are talking about Torco - this is the real additive that can boost your octane and is one of the blends used to boost commercial gasoline to it's higher levels.  So, while I can't get 93 (or higher) in CA, maybe this stuff could help raise to 95 or 98 octane?

Amazing that you can order this from Amazon!  LOL

Thanks to my buddy Tom, he found a graph that shows the E55


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