Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Got some new stuff installed!

FINALLY got the S/C pulley installed, and re-tuned from Eurocharged - wahoo!  Also, during the downtime had the plugs installed (NGK LFR7AIX) and the brake fluid flushed.


I'll have a dyno tune done later this month to see what power gains are to be had with this lightweight pulley but the torque curve is MUCH broader than before - almost feels like an even BIGGER V8 or maybe a V12 :-)

 Next on the list is a new Gates K080505HD V-Belt, this will help keep this pulley from slipping as the stock belt is a little long at 51", the new belt is 49.6" and should keep things snug and spinning!

So far so good, the new Heat Exchanger from Fabtech-Performance has kept the 100+ degree days at bay and kept the S/C from overheating.  Next is to start logging data, really curious what the IATs are now with the new pulley and blistering CA heat!


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