Monday, June 23, 2014

Finally got some new brakes installed...

I had my Akebono EUR983 pads sitting for a LONG time, waiting for the original OEM dusty pads to wear down...  the dealer wanted $1,200 to do the front brakes alone (EEK!)

I ended up getting some x-drilled zinc plated rotors from and along with the Akebono pads - we're talking ~$400 for everything.  So I saved ~$800 :)  The Brake Performance Rotors are custom built per order, I had mine zinc plated with black painted hats...

Yes you say, geez $400 for brakes - but remember these are brembo calipers with 4 pads per side, and a 14" rotor - very beefy!

The Akebono EUR983s have been SPECTACULAR when it comes to brake dust - seriously - why did I wait this long!?!

Definitely worth the wait!


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